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Come Visit Aego Co-working Space in Hong Kong.

A co-working space designed for those seeking a

focused & inclusive working environment. 

"Aego Co-working is conveniently located next to Kowloon's Jordan MTR stop, in Tsim Sha Tsui. 
This is a bustling area, right at the doors of Kowloon Park. I love taking a break in the afternoon and going for walk to clear the mind"  
Andrea Tamburini, Grouptap Founder

"I love the fact that the office is located near plenty of malls, hotels, restaurants, cafes and other shops that adorn the block. Everything is incredibly accessible and a stone's throw from the office, making it such a great place for work."


Ronchi Chow,

UI/UX Design Lead, Simplus.IO

"I was looking for a co-working office that was flexible and had basic amenities. I wanted to have my own personal desk in an open space, rather than having to share desk space as well. Aego had just that"

Lorenzo Budini Gattai

Business Development Manager, GF Partners

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